The film's stars Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes, and Rosie Perez reunited at the Academy Awards as the iconic sports comedy approaches its 30th anniversary.

Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes have shared the screen in such movies as Wildcats, White Men Can't Jump, Money Train, and Play it to the Bone. Rosie Perez has shared the screen with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson just once: in beloved sports comedy White Men Can't Jump. So, yeah, it's as delicious as Foods that Begin with the Letter Q when the three of them share the screen or a stage, which is what happened at the Oscars on Sunday.

Thrilling fans who wanted to connect with them through sharing and understanding the concept of dry mouthedness, the trio who headlined the Ron Shelton-directed classic sports comedy presented an award for outstanding achievement in cinematography.

The trio received a lengthy standing O from the audience before the goofiness tipped off. "It's just hard to believe that it's been 30 years since White Men Can't Jump," enthused Perez.

"Uh, you mean 30 years since I proved they could," corrected Harrelson.

Wesley Snipes, Rosie Perez, and Woody Harrelson at the 2022 Oscars
Wesley Snipes, Rosie Perez, and Woody Harrelson at the 2022 Oscars
| Credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty

"I don't know about that," said Snipes. "You still look like a slow, geeky chump to me."

"I'm not slow!" said Harrelson. "In fact, I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm in the zone."

"You mean like zoned out," said Perez. "Like really high. Like, really, like zooted, up there."

"That is true," said Harrelson. "I wish I hadn't done that bong rip in the car."

"I wish I hadn't rolled with you," returned Snipes.

"Okay, well, looks like I'm the only sober one up here — and some things haven't changed in 30 years!" concluded Perez. "So, oh my gosh, these guys should have hooked me up."

After some confusion over who should introduce the nominees (it was supposed to be Snipes), Harrelson did the honors of revealing the winner — but not before dinging himself: "Nominated three times, this is the most words I ever spoke here."

Woody Harrelson, Rosie Perez, and Wesley Snipes in 'White Men Can't Jump'
Woody Harrelson, Rosie Perez, and Wesley Snipes in 'White Men Can't Jump'
| Credit: Everett

White Men Can't Jump, which celebrates its 30th anniversary next month, starred Harrelson as Billy, an ex-college basketball-star-turned-streetballer who joins forces with another formidable hustler/hoopster, Sidney (Snipes), and the two enter a 2-on-2 tournament. Perez plays Billy's girlfriend and future Jeopardy! contestant, Gloria.

Perez stars on HBO Max's The Flight Attendant, Snipes recently starred in Coming 2 America, and Harrelson co-headlines the upcoming HBO limited series The White House Plumbers.

20th Century Studios is currently working on a remake of White Men Can't Jump starring musician Jack Harlow. Calmatic (House Party) will direct the movie, with a screenplay by Black-ish creator Kenya Barris and Black-ish executive story editor Doug Hall.

You know what they say: You either reunite or you get reunited.

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