The first six minutes of Tenet are available to watch ahead of its Dec. 15 digital release. Yes, the movie Christopher Nolan delayed three times in an effort to screen it in theaters amid the coronavirus pandemic is just a couple of days from making its debut to the masses.

Tenet is a sci-fi thriller about a secret agent who goes on a time-bending mission to prevent the start of World War III. It stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Michael Caine, Elizabeth Debicki, and Kenneth Branagh.

Even with the challenges the film faced, its the fourth highest grossing film of 2020 earning $359 million globally, a figure that pleased Nolan.

"Warner Bros. released Tenet, and I'm thrilled that it has made almost $350 million," the famed director said in early November. "But I am worried that the studios are drawing the wrong conclusions from our release — that rather than looking at where the film has worked well and how that can provide them with much needed revenue, they're looking at where it hasn't lived up to pre-COVID expectations and will start using that as an excuse to make exhibition take all the losses from the pandemic instead of getting in the game and adapting — or rebuilding our business, in other words."

Nolan was recently in the news for making heated statements regarding the unprecedented streaming deal between Warner Bros. and HBO Max, which will bring films like DuneIn the Heights, and The Matrix 4 to theaters and digital simultaneously.

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