The question isn't, "Will the cast of Ferris Bueller's Day Off ever reunite?" The question is, "What will they do when they reunite."

In the video above, watch Matthew Broderick, who portrayed the title character in the 1986 teen comedy, reunite with costars Jennifer Grey, Alan Ruck, and Mia Sara for the final episode of Josh Gad's Reunited Apart series. Surprise guests included Ben Stein, Lyman Ward, Cindy Pickett, Kenny Ortega, and Jake Gyllenhaal for the trivia speed round.

The movie, which was written and directed by the late John Hughes, tells the story of teen slacker Ferris Bueller who skips school to enjoy a day off in Chicago with his friend Cameron Frye (Ruck) and his girlfriend Sloane Peterson (Sara). This isn't his first time being truant and Dean of Students Edward R. Rooney (Jeffrey Jones) is dead set on catching him. Ferris is famously known for breaking the fourth wall in the film to chit chat with the audience about various things.

As part of his Reunited Apart series during quarantine, Gad has reunited the casts of fan favorites like Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings, SplashBack to the Future, and The Goonies.

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