The Lord of the Rings star plays a gay man who becomes his homophobic father's caretaker.

By Rosy Cordero
December 08, 2020 at 02:13 PM EST
Credit: Quiver Distribution

Viggo Mortensen will make his directorial debut with the drama Falling, a story about the struggles a gay man faces while caring for his homophobic father with dementia.

The film, set to be released on Feb. 5, 2021 in theaters and digital simultaneously, was directed, written, and scored by Mortensen, who also stars as John Peterson, a middle aged man who lives happily with his partner, Eric (Terry Chen), and their daughter, Mónica (Gabby Velis), who live far from the rural world he grew up in. His father, Willis (Lance Henriksen), remains on the isolated farm as he begins to show early signs of dementia. Both John and his sister Sarah (Laura Linney) struggle with helping their father who is resistant to change.

“While not strictly autobiographical, some events and conversations in Falling are inspired by the childhood I shared with my two brothers, Charles and Walter, to whom the movie is dedicated," Mortensen said in a statement. "It is a complex story, layered throughout with the subjective, imperfect memories of its principal characters. Most people, it seems to me, yearn to be seen and heard, and thrive on empathy. It took me a long time to accept my own father as he was, with as little judgment as possible, but I'm glad that I eventually did so. And he returned the gesture, for which I'll always be grateful."

Watch the trailer in full below.

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