The road rage-thriller stars Russell Crowe.

By Clark Collis
August 23, 2020 at 04:34 PM EDT
Credit: Solstice Studios/Courtesy Everett Collection


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Unhinged has earned $4.06 million in North America during its first weekend of release in the U.S., according to Comscore. The Russell Crowe-starring road rage-thriller is the first major release to arrive in American cinemas since the coronavirus outbreak began. In the Derrick Borte-directed film, Crowe plays a disturbed individual who terrorizes a mother and her young son, portrayed by Caren Pistorius and Gabriel Batemen, after an altercation at a traffic light.

The film was originally set to debut on screens on Aug. 28 but in May the film's production company, the recently-formed Solstice Films, brought the release date forward to July 1 to make the movie the first new film available to watch in cinemas. As the coronavirus continued to spread, and spike, the release of Unhinged was delayed on several occasions.

Earlier this summer, Crowe explained to EW how he learned of the decision by Solstice Films CEO Mark Gill to put the film at the front of the release schedule line.

"Well, I think Mark Gill has demonstrated in the past that he's got a pretty good instinct," said the Gladiator star. "When he explained it to me, he also accompanied it with a stack of research. The research said that the things people were most missing was cinema. And the second part of that research was, 'If you get to go to the cinema, what do you want to see?' The biggest answer was 'thriller.' I definitely think there is some comfort in going into a room and having an experience where all the crazy s--- is imagined. While it feels kind of risky, theater owners are working on safety as the absolute priority, so that’s cool. I think, at the very least, Mark’s created an awareness for a genre film like this that he might not have gotten."

Gill seems to have been proven correct. True, it is not a fortune in box office terms. On the same weekend last year, for example, the Gerard Butler-starring Angel Has Fallen was the nation's number one film with a gross of $21 million. But that movie played on 3,286 screens while Unhinged is only available to watch on 1,823, and social-distancing protocols mean cinemas' capacities are much diminished. In many important markets, including New York and Los Angeles, indoor venues are not open at all.

In addition to the public's hunger to see movies on the big screen, Unhinged has benefited from the full support of Crowe, whose, uh, unhinged hyping of the movie in one promo prompted Baby Driver director Edgar Wright to tweet that the Oscar-winner "should do the marketing for ALL MOVIES going forward. Even Disney Plus ones."

Unhinged is currently on general release in many markets. If you're planning to see it, please please please observe safety protocols.

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