With so many people stuck inside for coronavirus quarantine, much social and professional interaction has moved from the office or restaurants to video calls. One app in particular, Zoom, has really been making a name for itself amidst quarantine video chats. Many users have discovered the "Virtual Background" feature, where users can replace the backdrop of their apartments or bedrooms with a more interesting image: Either a default option like the Northern Lights, or any photo they choose to upload. But now, some of the biggest names in pop culture are here to help by providing their own recognizable Zoom backgrounds.

Toy Story

Pixar tweeted out a bunch of background images from some of their most iconic movies: Andy's room from Toy Storythe living room with the two chairs (tears!) from Upthe control room from Inside Out, Nemo's undersea neighborhood from Finding Nemo, and the racetrack from Cars

Other pop culture favorites have also gotten in on the fun. After the official Schitt's Creek account posted various empty backdrops from the show, Broadway's Frozen followed suit with a plethora of gorgeous set photos. Beetlejuice, Come From Away, and Moulin Rouge! have also posted their own options, as have TV shows like RuPaul's Drag Race, One Day at a Time, PoseModern Family, and American Idol.

Check them out above and below, and prepare to make your quarantine video chats a bit more magical.

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