Nikole Beckwith's Sundance dramedy Together Together hits theaters April 23.

By Mary Sollosi
March 31, 2021 at 04:34 PM EDT

We've all spent a year apart apart, but now it's time to get ready for Together Together.

Nikole Beckwith's tender indie, which had its premiere as part of this year's virtual Sundance (where EW's critic called it "a wry low-key dramedy that lands with surprising sweetness"), hits theaters in April and dropped its first trailer on Wednesday.

"It's super earnest and it's super touching," Patti Harrison told EW ahead of the film's Sundance premiere. "It's really funny, but there's a lot of, like, nutrients in there… It was a bone-brothy script."

Harrison stars as Anna, a 20-something barista who becomes a gestational surrogate in order to finance her dream of getting a master's degree. She's carrying a baby for Matt (Ed Helms), a single man in his 40s who wants to start a family, and the unconventional situation brings these two lonely people together (but not together together) to share a strange, intimate platonic bond.

"It definitely re-jogged how I viewed friendships and family units and family, as a word. I think it reorganizes, or at least opens the possibility of reorganizing, a lot of those ideas," Harrison said of the film, which marks her first starring role in a feature as well as a rare step into more dramatic territory for the comedienne. "When I'm nervous, I deflect a lot and it's very easy to fill the space with jokes," she admits. "Nikole worked really hard to get me and Ed both out of that reflexive space, to open [ourselves] up to being vulnerable and emotionally feeling out what's happening in the scene."

Much as she tends to deflect, however, the gentle heart of Together Together got under even Harrison's skin over the course of production. "Before that, I never really happy-cried," she reflects. "Since that movie, I've happy-cried, like, not a lot — a couple of times."

Together Together hits theaters April 23. Check out the trailer above.

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