"What do you think happens when you die?"

It's a question we've all asked ourselves, but in Wander Darkly, Sienna Miller's Adrienne must literally confront the great beyond if she wants to move forward from a traumatic accident.

Dolphins and lush landscapes abound in EW's exclusive trailer for the film, before darkness and horror begin to descend. Wander Darkly finds Adrienne and her partner Matteo (Diego Luna) after a car crash, which leaves them in a disorienting, surreal state in which they relive their history together — from their fond beginnings to the hard truths in their present. They can't face their uncertain future, with their newborn daughter's wellbeing at stake, until they reflect on their past.

Director Tara Miele, whose own car accident inspired her to write the film, told EW at SCAD that it was "quite cathartic" to share her story with the world. For her, the film's themes surrounding the value of life were amplified following Kobe Bryant's unexpected death, which happened the day after they screened the film at Sundance.

"I was in my head — you're at Sundance, it's quite noisy, and there's all this craziness going on," Miele said. "When that happened, I just remember thinking, 'Right, that's why you made this movie, because [life] is so delicate. It's so precious. And none of this is really 'the thing,' right? The thing is your family and the people you love and the time you have.'"

Miller's recent performances — in Wander Darkly as well as in 2018's American Woman, another complex indie centered around a woman dealing with tragedy — have earned her career-high reviews. The veteran performer spoke to EW about roles for women in 2020 and what she looks for in a film.

"I'm always looking to be challenged. I think the roles are a little better, I think people are more focused on more fully-fledged female characters in cinema," Miller said. "I was just fortunate to find two really rich people to play. I also think being a woman is messy and complicated and hard and emotional. And they felt very real to me, very grounded in a sense of reality. And that's what I'm always looking for is, 'Does this tell the truth about the human experience from a female perspective?'"

Wander Darkly arrives in select theaters and on-demand Dec. 11. It also stars Beth Grant, Aimee Carrero, Tory Kittles, Brett Rice, and Vanessa Bayer.

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