Buckle up for the wildest trailer of 2020.

By Joey Nolfi
December 10, 2020 at 11:30 AM EST

If you thought 2020 couldn't get any weirder, imagine a world where a movie about a female World War II fighter pilot stalked by winged demons actually exists. As of today, that's no longer a far-off fantasy, as EW can exclusively reveal the wild trailer for Shadow in the Cloud, Chloë Grace Moretz's upcoming action-horror romp that does all of those things and more.

Things start off docile enough: An English-accented Moretz delicately works her way through the ranks of a burly Allied air crew as Capt. Maude Garrett, brushing off their misogynistic ways with quiet determination as she carries out her mission of safely transporting a mysterious package.

Credit: Vertical Entertainment

After reluctantly agreeing to let her aboard their B-17 Flying Fortress, the men around her (including Love, Simon star Nick Robinson) warm up to her charms, though mysterious happenings during the flight put all on high alert, and Maude is forced to go on the offensive against enemy planes and fantastical flying monsters that threaten their safe return to terra firma.

Among the nuttiest scenes from the preview are a shot of the protagonist falling out of the plane in mid-flight only to be blasted back into the hole she fell out of by the force of another exploding plane passing underneath, and multiple sequences that see Moretz punching the bat-like creatures in the face.

Directed by Roseanne Liang, who previously helmed the notable Sundance short Do No Harm, Shadow in the Cloud held its world premiere at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival, where it won the coveted People's Choice Award in the Midnight Madness section.

Shadow in the Cloud hits select theaters and digital/VOD platforms Jan. 1. Watch the trailer above.

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