By Lauren Huff
July 29, 2020 at 06:07 PM EDT
Chemical Hearts
Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Young love and growing pains are center stage in the first trailer for the upcoming film Chemical Hearts.

In it, we meet Lili Reinhart's Grace, a transfer student with a heartbreaking secret who is chosen to co-edit the school's paper with Henry (Austin Abrams), who's a bit of a hopeless romantic.

Based on the novel by Krystal Sutherland and directed by Richard Tanne, Chemical Hearts is a coming-of-age tale that captures the thrills, disappointments, and confusion of being a teenager, as well as the darker side of love. Speaking with EW in June, Reinhart, who also serves as executive producer, says it was that darker aspect of the story that drew her to the project.

"I am not the typical person who loves rom-coms and I don't necessarily seek romantic movies, but the fact that this is a love story [that's] also about two individual people in their own journeys I think is beautiful," she said. "And young love stories that don't have happy endings are also stories that need to be told. Chemical Hearts is the kind of movie that portrays young love in a realistic light in the sense that it f—ing hurts sometimes. And oftentimes it does not go the way you want it to. And you can have this idea of someone and they don't measure up to what you want them to be."

If the trailer's any indication, viewers can expect betrayal ("Stop leading me on," Henry yells at one point), angsty musings ("Being young is so painful… it's almost too much," Grace says), and all the romantic gestures befitting the genre.

Chemical Hearts debuts Aug. 21 on Amazon Prime Video.

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