By Clark Collis
July 28, 2020 at 07:19 PM EDT
Silent Partners/Steven Shea

In the horror movie Blind, Sarah French plays Faye, a former actress who lost her vision due to botched laser eye surgery and is struggling to put her life back together while living alone in her dream house in the Hollywood Hills. Supported by her friend Sophia (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 star Caroline Williams), she starts opening up to Luke (Tyler Gallant), a personal trainer who is mute and can only communicate through his cell phone. When a masked stranger named Pretty Boy (Jed Rowen) shows up, Faye realizes she isn't as alone as she thinks.

The movie is directed by Marcel Walz (Blood Feast) and written by Joe Knetter. "Blind is a passion project for Marcel, Sarah, and I," Knetter tells EW. "My good friend director Marcel Walz had a dream that he was shooting a movie about a blind woman being stalked by a masked killer. The next night he came over to my apartment to watch a movie with Sarah and I and he mentioned the dream. We never finished the movie. Instead we spent a couple hours discussing the story. We immediately knew Sarah would be playing Faye and our friend Jed would be playing Pretty Boy."

Knetter adds, "I wrote the script as a love letter to my lady, Sarah French. She totally owns the role. Our goal was to do something different. Make it about the characters and the story. When you expect something to go one way, we tried to go in another direction. Instead of a home invasion, we liked to call it a home visitation. It plays as more of a drama-thriller at times, but it is a horror film. It's a guy in a mask killing people. We wrapped photography on Valentine's Day, exactly five weeks after the dream."

Blind will screen as part of the digital edition of the U.K.'s FrightFest on Aug. 29 and will be released in the U.S. in November. Watch the trailer above.

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