The animated musical about a half-human, half-alligator boy arrives April 16.

By Christian Holub
March 17, 2021 at 10:00 AM EDT

New York City is a beacon to many people. For Arlo Bureaugard, the protagonist of the new Netflix animated musical Arlo the Alligator Boy, the Big Apple is where his dad is from. In the exclusive trailer above, you can see the half-human, half-alligator Arlo (Michael J. Woodard) leave his swamp home behind and head out for the big city to find the father he's never known.

Arlo's journey introduces him to a variety of colorful misfits, including Bertie (Mary Lambert), Teeny Tiny Tony (Tony Hale), Furlecia (Jonathan Van Ness), and Alia (Haley Tju). Arlo's wide-eyed optimism makes him easy to befriend, and his positive attitude is reflected in the Arlo the Alligator Boy soundtrack, composed by director Ryan Crego and composer Alex Geringas. Capitol Records will release the soundtrack April 16, the same day the film hits Netflix, but the first single, "Follow Me Home" (which you can hear bits of in the trailer), will be available today at 11 a.m. ET.

"The music in Arlo the Alligator Boy was not only the driver of the story, but its brightness, levity, and energy inspired every aspect of this film," Crego said in a statement. "Alex and I spent the greatest part of the last couple years building a collection of songs, crafted through pure joy, love of music, and friendship. We are so excited to finally release these tracks into the world, with absolute respect for and awe of our many collaborators, first and foremost our beacon of positivity Michael J. Woodard."

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