By Rosy Cordero
October 01, 2020 at 04:19 PM EDT

Love comes knocking on Iván's (Armando Espitia) door in I Carry You With Me, but happily ever after will have to wait.

In the first trailer for the Sundance darling, Iván and Gerardo (Christian Vazquez) fall in love following a chance meeting in mid-90s Mexico. But a love story like theirs during this time and place proves to be complicated in more ways than one.

Iván works cleaning up at a local restaurant to support the mother of his child, but he holds passionate dreams of one day becoming a chef. Unlike Iván, Gerardo, a teacher, is an out, gay man. Their relationship is challenged after the men are caught by Iván's former partner, who forbids him from seeing their son.

With nothing more to lose, Iván decides to cross the border into the United States in search of the American dream with a promise to reconnect in a year. Director Heidi Ewing follows Iván on his fateful journey from Puebla City to New York, his final destination in the states, and what this means for the star-crossed lovers.

I Carry You With Me is set to be released on Jan. 8.

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