The actor shocked a moviegoer who was unimpressed by his waterworks.

By Jolie Lash
April 09, 2021 at 03:47 PM EDT


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Be careful what you say in a movie theater.

In a new installment of Couch Surfing, Topher Grace tells PeopleTV's Lola Ogunnaike about the awkward moment when he went to check out a screening of his 2010 film Predators and got some unexpected criticism.

Grace starred as the duplicitous serial killer Edwin in the film from director Nimród Antal. Due to prior filming commitments in Detroit, he couldn't attend the movie's premiere, so he went to a local showing.

"Right behind me was kind of a macho dude through the whole film and there's a point … before it's revealed that I'm actually the serial killer of the group," Grace recounts.

"My character starts crying because his foot's in a trap and you kind of have to feel for him and then it's revealed that he's a psycho. And so, I start crying. It was a hard day at work for me to like, get there and also you're playing two different characters, kind of," Grace explains of the scene that prompted a harsh reaction from the moviegoer.

Topher Grace in 'Predators'
| Credit: Rico Torres/20th Century Studios

The sci-fi movie villain says he overheard the fan behind him call out Grace's wounded, emotional display on the big screen.

"So, I'm watching this film in the movie theater and this guy goes, 'This guy's crying like a little bitch!" the actor shares.

Not long after, when Grace's character reveals himself to be a serial killer in Predators, the actor shocked the fan.

"I turnaround and I go, 'What's up now?' And this guy's mind exploded," Grace tells Ogunnaike. "He was like, 'Oh my God! You're here and you're on the [screen]. I think it was the most scared I'd ever seen someone in a movie theater because he like realized I was [the movie] serial killer and then I turned around in front of him. … He started crying, it was great."

For more with Grace, check out the video above, and head over to PeopleTV for his full Couch Surfing episode.

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