Bridger Walker filled in for Zendaya as a stunt double during web-slinging practice.

Spider-Man keeps his word.

Bridger Walker, the young boy who made headlines after he saved his sister from a dog attack last year, paid a visit to the set of the latest Spider-Man film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, as shared by his father, Robert Walker, on Instagram over the weekend.

After news of the then 6-year-old's bravery captivated members of the Avengers last year — including Captain America's Chris Evans and Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr.Tom Holland invited the young hero to the set of the next Spider-Man installment.

Holland kept his word: Bridger not only enjoyed a set tour with his family, but filled in as Zendaya's stunt double during web-slinging practice. On Instagram, Bridger's father thanked the cast and crew for the "dream-come-true adventure."

"We have loved seeing the reviews for @spidermanmovie," Walker wrote. "While there are so many reasons it will go down as one of the best ever - I personally think it is because the cast and crew are good, kind, and passionate people. Individuals who heard about a little boy's injury, who wanted to make it right. People who were willing to stop a very busy day of shooting to make my little boy smile, and give him a chance to 'web-swing' with his hero."

Bridger's aunt, Nicole Noel Walker, explained on Instagram last July that her nephew saved his sister's life by "standing between her and a charging dog." He received 90 stitches after he was bitten. "He later said, 'If someone had to die, I thought it should be me,'" his aunt wrote.

The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), and The Flash (Grant Gustin) were also among the superheroes to celebrate Bridger's bravery.

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