The Mission: Impossible star saw Christopher Nolan's film in London.
Tom Cruise
Credit: Shannon Finney/Getty Images

Tom Cruise may be happy flying a plane for a film, or hanging from a flying plane for a film or even shooting a movie in space. But going to the movies without wearing a mask? Even the Mission: Impossible star isn't taking that risk.

Earlier today, Cruise posted a video on Twitter of himself going to see Christopher Nolan's new film Tenet at an advance screening in London, seemingly in the company of his Mission: Impossible franchise director Christopher McQuarrie. Cruise wore a mask throughout. He also delivered a review of the film declaring, "I loved it!" (Hey, buddy, maybe you should stick to the death-defying stunts and let us handle the film criticism.) Cruise was shooting Mission: Impossible 7 earlier this year when the pandemic outbreak shut down production.

Tenet opens in some U.S. territories Sept. 3. If you are planning to see the film, then please observe safety protocols and wear a mask. It's what Tom Cruise would want!

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