On Sunday, the actor shared an image of himself as the young candy maker — before the chocolate factory.

Timothee Chalamet has dropped a deliciously delightful first look at himself in costume as Willy Wonka in the upcoming prequel film about the fictional candy maker's life.

Chalamet shared the photo from the set of the upcoming Wonka, showing him in a chocolate brown top hat, perhaps a little darker than the one worn by Gene Wilder in 1971's Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, and what looks to be a crushed velvet raspberry topcoat (Wilder's was grape-colored). The actor is also sporting a geometric patterned scarf atop a multi-colored vest in the new pic.

"The suspense is terrible, I  hope it will last … 🏭WONKA🍫" Chalamet captioned the first look he shared on Instagram on Sunday.

On a second Instagram slide, Chalamet posted a look at Wonka's walking cane — made of wood and brass, with the top opening to reveal a purple and red wrapped present inside.

The top of Willy Wonka's cane
| Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Instagram

Back in May, EW confirmed Chalamet was gearing up to play young Willy in Warner Bros.' upcoming prequel film focusing on Wonka's life before the chocolate factory.

Paddington director Paul King is helming the project. He wrote the Wonka screenplay alongside Simon Farnaby. Simon Rich, Simon Stephenson, Jeff Nathanson, and Steven Levenson contributed to prior versions.

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