Koy opened up about his longtime friendship with Haddish in EW's Around the Table.
Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday (2022 movie)

Easter Sunday isn't just a family affair on-screen. Turns out, it's one behind the scenes as well.

That's especially true for Tiffany Haddish, who pops up in the film as a police officer who also happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Jo Koy's character, Joe Valencia.

"That's one of my closest friends," Koy says of Haddish in the latest edition of EW's Around the Table video series (above). "We started at the Laugh Factory and I've known her since she was 17 or 18, I think."

He explained that sometimes he would have no one to watch his son when he had to go on stage, and so Haddish would step in. "I would take my son to the Laugh Factory and Tiffany would watch my son while I was on stage," Koy says. "So that was kind of cool. We've always been that close."

Koy, who was joined by co-stars Tia Carrere, Lou Diamond PhillipsJimmy O. Yang, Lydia Gaston and director Jay Chandrasekhar for the roundtable conversation, says that his ongoing friendship and working relationship with Haddish is a good lesson in what he calls "be good on the come up." Explains Koy, "Be a real person — okay? So she's got my back and I got hers."

Easter Sunday
Jo Koy and Tiffany Haddish in 'Easter Sunday'
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Haddish also went above and beyond for Koy's film, which follows an L.A. stand-up comedian as he travels to Daly City with his son (Brandon Wardell) to visit his loud, bickering but loving family. According to Koy, Haddish only had three days to work on Easter Sunday before she had to leave for Budapest to shoot The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent with Nicolas Cage.

"During those three days, she had to take diving tests for a scuba license because she was also doing Shark Week, so she did all of that in three days," Koy says, adding, "That's the kind of hustle and the kind of love Tiffany has. So I'll always have hers and she always has mine. She blessed that movie. She was so good."

Easter Sunday is playing now in theaters. Watch the full EW roundtable here.

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Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday (2022 movie)

Jo Koy stars as a struggling actor, comedian, and single father who attends a gathering of his loud and dysfunctional Filipino American family on Easter Sunday.



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