Spencer nearly tases a man to death in hilarious preview of the new Netflix movie.

By Joey Nolfi
March 03, 2021 at 12:23 PM EST

Thunder Force (2021 Movie)

The criminal underworld doesn't stand a chance against Octavia Spencer armed with a taser.

The Oscar-winning Help actress heads out from Ma's basement and into the realm of superheroes with Melissa McCarthy in the first trailer for the duo's upcoming satire Thunder Force, a wild spin on the action-heroine subgenre that tasks the leading ladies with saving the world from unspeakable evil — like Jason Bateman with lobster claws for hands.

Written and directed by McCarthy's husband, Ben Falcone, as the couple's fifth project as a director-actress pair, Thunder Force follows the Academy Award-nominated Bridesmaids performer as Lydia, a woman who accidentally gains superpowers thanks to her scientist best friend, Emily (Spencer), prompting them to take on a new threat to humanity as Chicago's first super-heroic team of crime-fighters.

Along the way, the pair tussle with the (literal) blood-red rage burning in the villainous eyes of Bobby Cannavale as The King, the mastermind behind the nefarious plot, as well as coming to grips with their new status as iconic crusaders. McCarthy accidentally throws a bus way too far across a city block, Spencer tases a man to dangerous degrees, and while their flashy costumes look the part of perfection, they're not machine-washable, and carry the gritty stench of a hero at work.

Thunder Force premieres April 9 on Netflix as part of the streaming service's ongoing initiative to premiere at least one new movie every week throughout 2021. Watch the new trailer above.

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Thunder Force (2021 Movie)

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