By Marcus Jones
May 26, 2021 at 09:07 AM EDT

After releasing first look images last month, Amazon finally gave audiences a tease at the kind of aliens the cast of The Tomorrow War is dealing with.

The studio dropped the first trailer for the sci-fi action flick on Wednesday, which stars Chris Pratt as a combat veteran turned science teacher named Dan Forester, who gets drafted by time-traveling soldiers into a future war against extraterrestrial invaders.

The clip shows him saying goodbye to his daughter and his wife (Betty Gilpin), getting a time machine cuffed to his arm, and fighting battles with some draftees, one who speaks more to his science side (Sam Richardson), and one who speaks to his military side (Edwin Hodge). They're led by a brilliant scientist (Yvonne Strahovski) as they make the 30 year time jump. J.K. Simmons also fits somewhere within the temporal madness as the estranged elder Forester, who will eventually help attempt to rewrite Earth's fate.

The film is written by Zach Dean, directed by Chris McKay, and executive produced by Pratt, Rob Cowan, Brian Oliver, and Bradley J. Fischer.

The Tomorrow War premieres on Amazon Prime Video on July 2. Watch the full trailer above.

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