For all its intense sci-fi action, Amazon's new film The Tomorrow War does find its moments of levity, like when Chris Pratt as science teacher Dan Forester tries in vain to ignore one of his students' passion for talking about volcanoes. Little does he know, that student retains knowledge that will later set Forester and company on the right track toward stopping a deadly worldwide alien infestation. 

Actor Seth Schenall, who plays the enthusiastic teen named Martin, remains humble about his role in saving the day though. He tells EW that he sees Martin as "not necessarily a hero, just a voice of reason." 

The Tomorrow War
Credit: Frank Masi/Amazon

Schenall felt good about the role going into production because he'd made director Chris McKay laugh during his audition. However, when it came time to shoot his climactic scene, with Martin flexing his volcanology expertise, "I was still very jittery. I was even fumbling with lines, having trouble getting into it." 

But McKay and Schenall's scene partners Chris Pratt and Sam Richardson were there to quell his nerves. "They just made it so comfortable. Like, 'Okay, you're here. Let's just have a good time. Don't worry about anything. You got the parts, so just do you. We're here to have fun,'" he recalls.

Expanding on his experience with the film's lead, Schenall shares that "Chris Pratt, he's like a big kid, man. He's just like, 'Let's have fun. Let's do it.' So yeah, that's the best part."

The Tomorrow War
Sam Richardson, Edwin Hodge, and Chris Pratt with actor Seth Schenall in THE TOMORROW WAR
| Credit: Frank Masi/Amazon

As for whether or not he relates to his character, Schenall jokes "if any of my science teachers watch this movie, they'll be like, 'okay, he does a great job being a student in science class in the movie, because he did horrible in my class.'"

While he is not sure if Martin would factor into a sequel to the Amazon film, as important as he is to its conclusion, Schell says that if that brought him back, he'd like to see the budding scientist become "a little bit more mature, not so nerdy." Thinking on it more, the young actor playfully adds "maybe a little bit sexy. I don't know, chick magnet, maybe?"

Ultimately, Schell comes out of The Tomorrow War experience feeling like "it's a great film. I'm excited to say that I was there when it started." When asked if he has any more volcano facts to leave people with, he warns "Don't get near one. Try that. Don't get in a situation where you're near one. And if so, pray really hard."

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