Director Jill Gevargizian's film stars Najarra Townsend and Brea Grant.

It sounds like things get hairy in first-time filmmaker Jill Gevargizian's horror-thriller The Stylist.

"It’s about Claire, a hair stylist, who is a serial killer," says the Kansas City-based director. "She starts to get closer to one of her favorite clients, Olivia, and through that friendship, or what she perceives as a friendship, she sees this opportunity to maybe change and become something she always hoped she could be. And that doesn't exactly go as she hopes."

The role of Claire is played by Najarra Townsend — who also starred in the original short film version of The Stylist — while Brea Grant from Heroes, Rob Zombie's Halloween II, and the upcoming Lucky portrays Olivia.

"Najarra Townsend was really with me this whole journey, reading every draft we wrote, she’s been huge part of the film, way beyond playing the character," says Gevargizian. "Brea's character exudes brightness and energy and that’s what I think of when I think of Brea. Brea and Najarro in these roles are like mirrored opposites, which was my intention from the beginning."

Gevargizian's film was partly inspired by her own experiences working as a hair stylist.

"It’s still my bread and butter," she says. "The salon where I work is where we shot the salon scenes in the feature. So, you can come in and get the real-life Stylist experience!"

Uh, thanks, but no thanks!

The Stylist receives its world premiere Saturday at Fantastic Fest. Exclusively watch a clip from the film above.

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