Baby Driver director's film about cult band is released June 18.
Sparks members Russell and Ron Mael
| Credit: Anna Webber/Focus Features

Edgar Wright spent three years making his music documentary The Sparks Brothers (out June 18), about the cult band Sparks. And if the Baby Driver writer-director had his druthers he'd still be making it.

"There were [around] 80 interviewees and I interviewed them all," Wright told EW prior to the film's premiere at this year's Sundance Film Festival. "The idea of sitting down talking to Sparks fans and Sparks themselves endlessly was just catnip to me. I was absolutely loving it. I think if we didn't have to finish the film, I'd still be doing it!"

The cine-literate Sparks founders Ron and Russell Mael were familiar with Wright's work before their collaboration on the documentary.

"Oh yeah, and that made everything amazing right from the start," said Russell Mael. "We'd always been hesitant about doing the documentary about the band because we feel that maybe our music sort of says it all. But when Edgar brought us the idea of doing this, we said yes in a minute. We were completely aware of all of his films. There was the thought too that the sensibility that we knew of Edgar through his work seemed to be in parallel with what Sparks' sensibility is musically. Our only hope was that we would get the Edgar stamp, if you know what because we wanted it to be Edgar's take on the band. We were really happy that it turned out that way in the end."

Watch the trailer for The Sparks Brothers above and see the film's new poster below.

Sparks Brothers Poster
Credit: Edgar Wright Twitter

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