The Baby Driver director's film The Sparks Brothers received its world premiere at Sundance Saturday night.

By Clark Collis
January 31, 2021 at 11:22 AM EST
Credit: Courtesy Sparks

Director Edgar Wright's debut documentary The Sparks Brothers has been met with uniformly glowing reactions since premiering at The Sundance Festival on Saturday night. Now, you can check out the first clip from the film, which concerns the extraordinary musical exploits of Sparks leaders Ron and Russell Mael.

"It felt like it was easier to make this documentary than to bore my friends at dinner telling them that they should listen to more Sparks," Wright, a diehard fan of the duo, told EW last week. "I found when I spoke to people if they didn't know Sparks and they'd say, 'Where do you start?' I'd be explaining the history and the discography and eventually, it was that thing where it would be better to make a documentary about it. I really wanted to make the case for Sparks being one of the greats, and I felt like an overview was needed. So this is it!"

Russell Mael revealed that he and his brother needed little persuasion to participate in a Wright-directed overview of the pair's career.

"We'd always been hesitant about doing the documentary about the band because we feel that maybe our music sort of says it all," he said. "But when Edgar brought us the idea of doing this, we said yes in a minute. We were completely aware of all of his films. There was the thought too that the sensibility that we knew of Edgar through his work seemed to be in parallel with what Sparks' sensibility is musically. Our only hope was that we would get the Edgar stamp, if you know what I mean, because we wanted it to be Edgar's take on the band. We were were really happy that it turned out that way in the end. "

Watch that clip below.

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