Maggie Simpson will star in Playdate with Destiny.

Any Pixar movie traditionally arrives in theaters with a Pixar short film screened before the picture rolls. It's tradition. Bao came with Incredibles 2, Lou with Cars 3, Piper with Finding Dory, and the list goes on. But, now that The Walt Disney Company has ownership of Fox properties, the short attached to next month's Onward will be The Simpsons-related.

This week, the studio announced that Maggie Simpson will star in Playdate with Destiny, which will exclusively screen in theaters in front of Onward. Not much is known about the short itself, but the news came with a first-look image of Maggie enjoying a beach city view of the horizon with a certain handsome young baby. It's a baby's day out!

Simpsons, Onward
Credit: FOX; Disney/Pixar

Perhaps this is merely a fun coincidence, but Playdate With Destiny was also the name of an episode for The New Adventures of Old Christine, which starred Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Dreyfus voices elf Laurel Lightfoot, mother to elf brothers Ian (Tom Holland) and Barley (Chris Pratt), in Onward.

"Maggie Simpson is speechless…" reads a caption from the show on social media.

Onward, directed and co-written by director Dan Scanlon, takes place in a world of magical creatures that have embraced modernity. Unicorns are now the equivalent of raccoons rummaging through trash cans, pixies now take airlines instead of flying themselves, and magic has all but vanished from the world.

On Ian's 16th birthday, he receives a gift from his late father, who died before he was old enough to know him. It's a wizard's staff and it comes with a spell that will resurrect his dad for 24 hours. The enchantment doesn't go as planned and only half of his dad (from the waist down) materializes. Thus, Ian and Barley embark on a journey to finish the spell and reunite with their dad before time runs out.

The film, along with the Simpsons short, will arrive in theaters on March 6.

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