You're killing us, Smalls.

There's no crying in baseball — but there is laughing.

The Sandlot's Patrick Renna had his little boy chuckling away after recreating a meaty scene from his beloved 1993 comedy. In a video he shared on TikTok and Instagram, Renna revealed what he did after his son recently had a sporting injury.

"So 'Smalls,' AKA my four-year-old son Flynn, got his first black eye playing baseball, and I knew exactly what to do," Renna wrote, including a clip of him walking and then splicing in a photo of Flynn with a red shiner.

Renna, famous for playing catcher Hamilton "Ham" Porter in the movie, then segued to another shot of him cuddling his kid and slapping a fresh cut of steak on the little tot's eye, prompting fits of giggles from him.

"If you know, you know," Renna said.

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Patrick Renna as Hamilton 'Ham' Porter in 'The Sandlot'
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Renna was recreating a scene from his coming-of-age classic in which Tom Guiry (Smalls) plays catch with Denis Leary (Bill) and a curveball hits him in the face. While his movie mom (Karen Allen) tends to him, Leary's character comes over and slaps the steak on Smalls' eye, letting him know it'll help keep the swelling down.

"Sorry," Bill says, "but you gotta watch out for the curve."

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