Hudgens x 3.

On the third week of November Netflix will give to thee: three Hudgens in a movie. That is by way of The Princess Switch: Switched Again, the Christmas movie sequel to 2018's rom-com starring Vanessa Hudgens.

In the film's first trailer, released Monday, the Rent Live! and Bad Boys For Life actress adds a third doppelgänger to her previous two, Duchess Margaret and Princess Stacy. That would be Lady Fiona, Margaret's party-girl cousin.

The sequel, premiering Nov. 19, sees Duchess Margaret inheriting the throne to Montenaro, but she's since split from boyfriend Kevin. Princess Stacy of Belgravia hopes to reconnect them, but Fiona's arrival complicates the situation. Plus, there's Antonio, a handsome royal who's known Margaret for years and may be a problem for Kevin when he comes back in her life.

"After I read it I thought, 'Ooh man, this is going to be a lot of work,'" Hudgens previously wrote to EW over email. "Three of me? Me, myself, and I! I was very excited to create yet another character and had such a blast doing so. I was told they wrote in a new character but I had no idea how much fun it would actually be."

A third Princess Switch movie is already in the works for a 2021 release, so there are more Switch fixes to come.

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