Co-written by Davidson and Apatow, the new film serves as the SNL star's first big screen spotlight.

On demand from Staten Island, it's Pete Davidson's big screen breakout!

While most big summer movies have been pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic, Universal recently announced the plan for Davidson and Judd Apatow's The King of Staten Island to stick to the original release date of June 12 and rollout on demand instead of waiting for theaters to reopen. And we now have the debut trailer for Davidson's first headlining film, which can be viewed above.

The King of Staten Island
Credit: Mary Cybulski / Universal Pictures

After turning the likes of Steve Carell (40-Year-Old Virgin), Seth Rogen (Knocked Up), and Amy Schumer (Trainwreck) into movie stars, Apatow is looking to do the same with Davidson. Directed by Apatow and co-written by him, Davidson, and Dave Sirus, Staten Island stars the SNL standout as Scott, a burnout who lives at home with his single mother (played by Marisa Tomei) and appears to be without any purpose. Still dealing with the death of his firefighter father when he was a kid, Scott's life is thrown upside down when mom falls for another firefighter, Ray (Bill Burr). He takes an instant disliking to the new man in his life, but it also forces him to confront his grief and demons.

The story is a personal one for Davidson, who lost his own father, Scott, also a firefighter, on Sept. 11, 2001.

"The movie is an imagining of what Pete's life might have been like if he never found comedy," Apatow told EW in an exclusive chat. "Comedy really was his savior, it gave him direction. And in the movie he's someone who is flailing about, not sure what he should do with his life. He wants to be a tattoo artist but he really hasn't tried that hard. A lot of what we discussed was how when you have a loss in your family it brings up all of these issues that take a long time to work through. By writing this movie and thinking through his life, he hopefully had a cathartic experience trying to let go of a lot of the obstacles that have complicated his life."

Watch the trailer for King of Staten Island above.

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