A collection of 10 shorts is coming to Disney+ this Friday.

This week, Buzz Lightyear, Jack-Jack Parr, Dory, and more of their fellow Pixar movie stars are returning to the screen in a collection of "mini-shorts," dubbed Pixar Popcorn.

First revealed during that big Disney investors presentation in December, Pixar Popcorn will bring together 10 of these shorts to Disney+ starting this Friday. They include, among others, the Toy Story-themed To Fitness and Beyond and Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny; the Incredibles-themed Cookie Num Num and Chore Day, the Incredibles Way; the Finding Nemo-themed Dory Finding; the Coco-themed A Day in the Life of the Dead; the Cars-themed Dancing with the Cars; and the Soul-themed Soul of the City.

The shorts, which appear to be even shorter than the length of your standard minutes-long Pixar short, are described as "bite-size stories created by Pixar Animation Studios' talented animators," according to a press release.

Pixar Popcorn
Credit: Disney/Pixar

A new trailer also gives us a taste of what's coming this weekend, including Dash from The Incredibles using his little brother's laser vision to cut the grass, and the Ducky and Bunny duo attempting to wrap their minds around Bo Beep's "toy with three heads" that is her sheep.

Watch the trailer above.

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