Swinton and her fabulous looks stalk about Almodóvar's English-language debut.

If you're going to be stuck in your home, you might as well endure by wearing the most fabulous of outfits. Tilda Swinton does just that in the new trailer for The Human Voice, a 30-minute short film that marks the English-language debut of director Pedro Almodóvar (Pain and Glory).

The short, which began filming during pandemic lockdowns in July, is an adaptation of Jean Cocteau's one-act play of the same name about a woman watching the time pass by over the course of three days, waiting for her ex-lover to come pick up his suitcases but never does. For company is a restless dog who hasn't grasped that his owner won't be returning. The only time she does leave her home is to buy an axe and a can of gasoline. But if looks could kill, Swinton's high-fashion wardrobe would do the trick for her ex.

"I always considered this adaptation as an experiment, a whim in which I would show what, in theater, is called the fourth wall, and in cinema would be to show the part behind, that is, the wooden structure that holds up the walls of the realistic set, the material reality of what is fictional," Almodóvar said, in part, through a director's statement. "The reality of this woman is the pain, the solitude, the darkness in which she lives. I have tried to make all this obvious, moving and eloquent through the (sublime) performance by Tilda Swinton, showing very early on that her house is a construction inside a cinema sound stage."

Sony Pictures Classics picked up the rights to The Human Voice and will release it next year.

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