The Dark and the Wicked is the latest chiller from The Strangers writer-director Bryan Bertino.

In the just-released horror film The Dark and the Wicked, Marin Ireland plays a woman who comes home to her family's remote farm to help care for her ailing father.

"A patriarch of a family is dying and they’re on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Texas," says Ireland, whose previous credits include The Irishman and The Umbrella Academy. "The children — the sister and the brother — come home to be with their mother and to be with their dying father. The mother feels like something else is happening in the house, she feels like something very very bad is going on in the house, and that creeps into everything, and becomes the central issue the kids are trying to figure out."

The movie is written and directed by Bryan Bertino and shares an atmosphere of unrelenting dread with the filmmaker's breakthrough release, 2008's The Strangers.

"Yeah, his view of the world is pretty intense," says Ireland, "but I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong especially in light of everything that we’re witnessing more and more."

Bertino shot the film on a farm owned by his father and stepmother farm in Tolar, Texas, around an hour's drive outside Fort Worth. Ireland's costars included Xander Berkeley, Michael Abbott Jr. — who plays her character's sibling — and a lot of sheep and goats.

"We had a day or two just hanging out with the sheep and the goats, getting really comfortable with them," says Ireland. "It was kind of great. I was super into it. But there were times when it backfired. I remember there was one time when I was laying on the ground in the goat s---, and they’re setting up the camera, they literally just started walking on me because they were so comfortable with me. I was like, ‘Guys, I think this is starting to turn a corner in the wrong direction. Now they’re so comfortable with me that it’s actually starting to get dangerous because they don’t give a s---. They’re just walking on my head!’"

Ireland is calling EW from Toronto, where she is finally shooting FX's long-delayed comic book adaptation Y: The Last Man, which is set in a world where nearly all male mammals have suddenly died.

"It’s been a crazy road," says the actress. "We shot the pilot two-and-a-half years ago. There was a showrunner changeover and we had a delay for that. Then we were literally about to start shooting and the shutdown happened. Bless FX for staying committed to it. So, we’ve been going for a month or so. We’ll shoot the first season through the middle of next year."

The Dark and the Wicked is now available to watch in theaters, on digital, and on demand.

Watch the film's trailer above.

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