The characters from the first Boss Baby movie are all grown up — until they get turned into babies again!

Alec Baldwin's time playing President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live might be drawing to a close, but the actor's other most iconic role from the late 2010s is getting another round. On Tuesday, DreamWorks released the trailer for The Boss Baby: Family Business, a follow-up to the animated 2017 hit that starred Baldwin as a baby with the mind of an adult.

The new Boss Baby movie is set decades after the last one. Now, Ted Templeton (Baldwin) and his brother Tim (Tobey Maguire) have both grown into actual adults; Ted even has two daughters! But now the youngest daughter is a Boss Baby herself, voiced by Amy Sedaris? And she gives her dad and uncle a special formula that turns them back into babies for 48 hours? So that they can stop Jeff Goldblum from leading a "baby revolution"?

If any of that sounds crazy, watch the trailer above and see for yourself. The Boss Baby: Family Business is set to hit theaters on March 26.

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