Thirteen-year-old Walker Scobell knows his Deadpool.

You might call 13-year-old Walker Scobell a Ryan Reynolds scholar, and not just because he plays a younger version of Reynolds' character in their new film, The Adam Project.

The newcomer actor would repeatedly watch Deadpool 2 before every audition to the point where he can now recite speeches from the foul-mouthed superhero smart aleck from memory. Reynolds first recorded Scobell on the set of The Adam Project doing just that and posted the footage online.

"I just turned the camera, and I went, 'Deadpool 2. Go!' And he does everything," Reynolds says of that moment. "Not just that, he does improvised stage direction and the exposition lines, the stuff that you would never remember, the stuff that's setting up the premise."

Scobell also whipped out the party trick for EW's recording of Around the Table to prove he still knows it by heart.

The speech he chose was Reynolds' "f--- Wolverine" monologue from Deadpool 2.

The Adam Project Around the Table
Walker Scobell performs Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool speech for the cast of 'The Adam Project.'
| Credit: EW

"I feel like that was our superpower on this movie," The Adam Project director Shawn Levy says. "We had seen hundreds of kids, and we knew when we found Walker that he was special and talented, but we didn't know that he was a sick fan of Deadpool. So, he showed up ready with the chops, but he can channel Ryan."

The Adam Project follows Adam Reed (Walker), a kid who lost his father (Mark Ruffalo) a year prior. He and his mom (Jennifer Garner) are still dealing with that emotional loss when Adam receives an unexpected visitor: His future self (Reynolds), a time-traveling pilot from the year 2050, who crash-landed in the past while searching for his missing wife (Zoe Saldana). Both Adams must now team up in order to safeguard the future.

The film is scheduled for release this Friday on Netflix, and Scobell's Deadpool skills are just a preview of all the quips this kid throws out in The Adam Project.

Watch Scobell's trick in the video above.

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