Let's do the time warp again.

Ryan Reynolds has met his match: himself.

The Deadpool star has reunited with Free Guy director Shawn Levy for The Adam Project, and the first trailer offers a peek at this time-travel adventure film with a heart of gold.

Newcomer Walker Scobell plays Adam Reed, a 12-year-old kid going through a tough time after the loss of his father (Mark Ruffalo) who finds himself standing face-to-face with his older self (Reynolds).

Adult Adam is a pilot from the year 2050, when time travel has become a reality, who goes on a mission to find his love, Laura (Zoe Saldana), who disappeared along the timeline under mysterious circumstances. Crash landing in the year 2022, he's forced to team up with his younger self to save his future.

Jennifer Garner also stars in the film as Adam's mom, which makes for a nice 13 Going on 30 reunion between her and Ruffalo.

A screening of the film was held Wednesday night at New York City's Metrograph theater, and the first reactions from critics are largely positive.

The Adam Project
Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell play older and younger versions of Adam Reed in 'The Adam Project.'
| Credit: Doane Gregory/Netflix

"To say I had the time of my life making this film would be an understatement. And a misleading reference to Dirty Dancing," Reynolds tweeted.

The Adam Project premieres March 11 on Netflix. Watch the trailer above.

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