The sequel to director Tobe Hooper's original film stars Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Nell Hudson, and Jacob Latimore.

In director David Blue Garcia's horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre (a sequel to Tobe Hooper's 1974 shocker Texas Chain Saw Massacre) some young friends make the grave mistake of attempting to gentrify a remote town in The Lone Star State.

Netflix's 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' premieres Feb. 18, 2022.
| Credit: Yana Blajeva/Netflix

"I think the first movie really hit a nerve when portraying that culture clash between the countryside and the city," says filmmaker Fede Álvarez (Don't Breathe) who cowrote the movie with Rodo Sayagues. "Back in the '70s, the hippies were representing the youth of the city. This time, they're more like millennial hipsters from Austin who are very entrepreneurial and have a dream of getting away from the city and back to the countryside. They're trying to gentrify small-town America — and let's just say they encounter some pushback."

The film's cast includes Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Nell Hudson, Jacob Latimore, Olwen Fouéré, Alice Krige, and Mark Burnham who portrays the franchise's chainsaw-wielding masked killer Leatherface.

"It's basically the same character, who is still alive, [from the original film]," says Álvarez of the new's film's Leatherface. "Our take on it was this guy probably disappeared after everything he's done. You know, how do you catch a guy who has a mask? Once he removes the mask and runs away, it's very easy for him to hide somewhere. This story will pick it up many, many years after the original story. He's been in hiding for a long, long time, trying to be a good person. These people arriving in this town are going to awaken the giant."

Texas Chainsaw Massacre premieres on Netflix Feb. 18. Exclusively watch the movie's brutal trailer below.

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