The stars of this sci-fi thriller face an unfathomable moral dilemma.

Space could very well be the final frontier for Anna Kendrick and Toni Collette, who feature in Netflix's first Stowaway trailer, which previews the upcoming sci-fi thriller.

After EW's exclusive first-look debut of the film from Arctic director Joe Penna, Netflix released the first footage, which finds its small cast of characters in a pickle.

Commander Marina Barnett (Collette) is on a two-year mission to Mars with a medical expert (Kendrick) and a biologist (Daniel Dae Kim). Their objective is to take the first steps towards making Mars habitable for human life. However, hours into their journey, they find a launch support engineer (Shamier Anderson) passed out on board their ship.

Things take a turn for the worse where irreparable damage to their systems only gives them life support on the ship for three people. With four passengers, they won't live to reach Mars.

"These incredible people basically sit on a bomb and allow themselves to be flung into the unknown in the name of science and exploration," Collette told EW. "There are so many points at which the mission can go wrong. It's fine until it isn't. Then it becomes a moral dilemma before transmuting into absolute survival. It's petrifying."

Stowaway premieres on Netflix this April 22.

Watch the trailer above.

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