The Tom McCarthy-directed thriller arrives in theaters July 30.

Matt Damon will go to all ends to save his daughter in the first trailer for upcoming thriller Stillwater.

Co-written and directed by Tom McCarthy (Spotlight), the movie stars Damon as Bill Baker, an oil rig worker (known as a roughneck) from Stillwater, Okla., who travels to Marseille, France, to exonerate his daughter, Allison (played by Abigail Breslin), who has been arrested for a murder she denies committing. As we learn in the trailer, during a study abroad year in France, Allison begins a relationship with a woman named Lena who she later finds dead and calls the police, resulting in her own arrest.

"He's a guy that's had a difficult life, he's struggled, but he sort of tried to make amends and do what's right, I think, when we meet him," McCarthy previously told EW.

From the looks of the first trailer, the further Bill looks into the truth behind Lena's death in hopes of saving his daughter, the more danger he finds himself in.

Matt Damon in Stillwater
Matt Damon in 'Stillwater'
| Credit: Jessica Forde / Focus Features

Stillwater was initially set for release in fall 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic is now slated to arrive in theaters July 2021.

"It's a beautiful film shot in a beautiful place, and I think [Focus Features] felt strongly that people should see it in movie theaters, and I was in agreement with that," McCarthy told EW of the change in release date. "I'm in no rush — the movie will play as well this year as it would have last year."

Stillwater hits theaters July 30. Watch the trailer above.

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