Stephen Sondheim has a cameo in Tick, Tick...Boom! but you'd never know it's there.

The legendary composer is played by Bradley Whitford in the new Netflix film, but Sondheim's actual voice is in the final scene.

When Jon (Andrew Garfield) is dismayed at the lack of interest and immediate success following the workshop of his musical, he receives a voicemail from Sondheim praising the show and encouraging him to keep writing and move on to the next project, as that's the job of an artist. It energizes him and inspires him to write, just as he's about to give up.

But director Lin-Manuel Miranda reveals that he ended up using a recording of Sondheim in that sequence. "I was in contact with Steve throughout. I showed him the pages," he tells EW. "I showed him Steve's dialogue."

Stephen Sondheim
(L-R) Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Garfield
| Credit: Michael Stewart/Getty Images; Macall Polay/NETFLIX

"When I showed him the finished film, he said, 'You treated me gently and royally, for which I'm grateful,'" says Miranda. "And then he wrote me and said, 'But the last phone message to Jon, the language feels a little trite. I don't feel like I would ever really say that. Can I rewrite it?' I was like, 'Gosh, a rewrite from Stephen Sondheim — do I accept this?'"

There was only one problem — Whitford had already wrapped his work on the project and was unavailable to re-record it. Sondheim offered to record the new version for Miranda, and it's his voice that audiences can hear in the final cut.

"It makes me weep to even think about," gushes Miranda. "Because he was such a mentor to Jon and generations of songwriters. But yes, he rewrote that message and recorded it himself and just sent it to me."

He's not good, he's not nice, he's Stephen Sondheim.

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