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Stephen Schwartz has a Wicked movie update, and we simply couldn't be happier. Well, not simply.

When speaking to EW about his stage adaptation of The Prince of Egypt, Schwartz had a tantalizing update on the long-awaited Wicked movie.

"Progress was being made both in terms of the writing and in terms of pre-production," he tells EW. "Some of that can continue, but a lot of where we were has to be put on hold."

With coronavirus causing the delay of countless productions and release dates, Universal has bumped Wicked from its announced Dec. 22, 2021 release date to make room for Sing 2, which has also been delayed due to coronavirus. They have yet to announce a replacement release date, but Schwartz is optimistic about picking up where they left off whenever it's safe.  There's a kind of a sort of cost, but rest assured, when it comes to the Wicked film, a couple of things won't get lost.

"It'll start up again when we're able to do it and that is moving forward," he reflects. "I can't predict the date of when that will actually go into production and will actually be released. But all I can say is that it's most definitely in process and in progress."

Schwartz is not short of work during social distancing, however. "I actually have a couple of deadlines. There's a potential movie project that I really can't say too much about. But it's a project that I'm doing with my frequent collaborator Alan Menken, and we don't know for sure that the movie will happen, but we're supposed to write some songs. So, we're in the process of doing that," he teases.

Could it be another long-gestating project? Disenchantedthe sequel to Disney's beloved Enchanted.

If so, we'd be so happy we could melt.

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