If and when Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek movie ever comes to fruition, he might have a final frontier to cross in terms of approval.

Rod Roddenberry, the son of Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and the CEO of the production company Roddenberry Entertainment, expressed reservations about Tarantino's potential involvement in a new interview. Speaking to Forbes to mark the 55th anniversary of Star Trek, Roddenberry said he is somewhat skeptical that a Tarantino film would embody the ideals of the sci-fi franchise.

"I struggle with that because I'm pretty myopic with the way I see Star Trek," the CEO said. "I mentioned that I grew up with fans coming up to me saying how Star Trek inspired them and gave them hope for the future. It's the optimism and the messaging in there that make Star Trek what it was. I truly believe that. If you create a Star Trek that is just action, that is not Star Trek, in my opinion. That's what makes it different than Star Wars, and I love Star Wars, but they can both coexist. And I love Tarantino's work and the kind of films that he does. I am trying to have an open mind."

Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino in 2020
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Roddenberry, who is an executive producer on all of Paramount's recent Star Trek shows, including Discovery and Picard, added that he "would be curious to read a script on [Tarantino's] take."

"I do not think you could say we're going to do a Reservoir Dogs Star Trek," he continued, referencing the filmmaker's 1992 directorial debut. "I'll be honest, that doesn't work for me, but he is a fan, and I think as a fan, he probably understands to some degree that Star Trek has to have some of this messaging. I would be curious, and I would try to have an open mind, but I'm not sure what it would be. I am glad that people are willing to explore that, at least."

News first emerged in December 2017 that Tarantino had pitched an R-rated Star Trek movie to Paramount that he would direct. Writer Mark L. Smith, who was brought aboard to pen the script, later revealed that the idea would involve Captain Kirk and time travel, and draw inspiration from classic gangster films.

It's unclear whether the film will actually happen at this point, however; Tarantino told Deadline in 2020 that he believes "they might make that movie," but he would no longer direct it. Meanwhile, Paramount is reportedly moving forward with a different Trek movie helmed by WandaVision director Matt Shakman.

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