"It feels like a Mission: Impossible movie turned up to 12," Golding tells EW.

According to Henry Golding, "pretty much the entirety" of Snake Eyes, the upcoming G.I. Joe Origins movie, was made on practical locations — with the exception of one scene glimpsed in the opening of the film's first trailer.

Golding, starring as the popular G.I. Joe character, is thrust into a ninja skirmish on top of a moving car carrier truck on the highway. It's a chaotic mesh of swords and what the actor says was the production's "one green-screen set."

"It's pretty insane," he tells EW. "But it gives, especially in the teaser, a sense of grounded-ness. Every time you see the action, it's us really doing it. It feels like a Mission: Impossible movie turned up to 12."

As a voiceover says in the trailer, which debuted during Sunday's MTV Movie & TV Awards, "Every warrior has a beginning." And Snake Eyes goes back to the origins of G.I. Joe's katana-wielding fighter when he joins the Arashikage ninja clan. Snake, whose real name has long been a "classified" secret of the Joes, saves the clan's heir apparent and is welcomed into their world to train.

"For 600 years, our ninjas have brought peace to the world," he's told. "I need warriors like you."

Andrew Koji (Warrior) appears as Storm Shadow, an Arashikage character with ties to Snake. Other figures from the G.I. Joe-verse include Samara Weaving (Ready or Not) as Scarlett, Úrsula Corberó as The Baroness, and Iko Uwais as Hard Master. Haruka Abe will play Akiko and Takehiro Hira will play Kenta.

Snake Eyes is a figure who traditionally never speaks and always wears a mask in the canon of G.I. Joe. But producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura confirms he will be talking in this movie. "You'll learn who he is, where he came from," he says.

Robert Schwentke, who helmed RED and two of the Divergent movies, directed Snake Eyes, which will premiere in theaters on July 23.

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