By Ruth Kinane
November 16, 2020 at 11:30 AM EST

You're cordially invited to a late-summer, family wedding in the Hamptons. Sounds delightful, right?

What could possibly go wrong?

Alicia Silverstone and Tom Everett Scott have some suggestions. In an exclusive first look at the trailer for the upcoming comedy Sister of the Groom, Silverstone's Audrey arrives at her brother's (Jake Hoffman) wedding to Clemence (Mathilde Ollivier), meeting the young, beautiful French woman for the first time. But within minutes of meeting, the bride-to-be has done little to assuage any of Audrey's preconceived notions of unpleasantness and as the wedding celebrations kick off in earnest, things only get tenser, more cringe-inducing, and, ultimately, out of control. Throw in a jet-ski accident, an ex-boyfriend, and a healthy doze of molly, and it's safe to say these aren't the smoothest of nuptials. Hold onto your fascinator.

Credit: Saban Films

"Audrey's unraveling a lot," Silverstone tells EW of her character, who is celebrating her 40th birthday the same weekend as the wedding and has gotten into a bit of a rut with her husband (Scott) and her career. "She has so much anxiety, self-esteem issues and she's just so uncomfortable with her own body and her own experience. Right from the beginning, she has issues with what was happening with her brother, Liam, and then she meets this girl (Ollivier) that is half his age and she's just really mean! It all smells really bad."

While Audrey's brother (Hoffman) is besotted with his soon-to-be bride's artistic and eccentric ways, the new couple's passionate relationship only serves to highlight the problems in Audrey and Ethan's marriage. "You know, really, the movie is just about a husband trying to try to have sex with his wife," Scott tells EW with a laugh. Silverstone adds that despite loving her kids and husband, Audrey "does not feel satisfied or fully realized. She's not in her power and in her heart about who she is. So when she's going to this wedding and her brother, who's her best friend ever, has never even introduced her to his fiancée, it all just weighs on her too heavily."

Credit: Saban Films

If you thought the scenario sounded painful enough, we should also mention that Liam has decided to invite Audrey's ex-boyfriend (played by Charlie Bewley) to the happy affair and, even decades later,  Audrey isn't totally immune to his charm (and very dashing good looks). "It's pretty cringe-y," says Scott. "There's all ready all these awkward family moments and then you find out the ex-boyfriend is coming to the wedding too? That's so s---y. You do really start feeling for Alicia's character, but it's also all hitting Ethan at once, like, 'Whoa, I am living a lie? How disappointed in me is she?'"

Cringing and life crises aside, however, Silverstone hopes there's some resolution and solace in the movie's arc. "I never want to judge a woman who doesn't feel good about herself — for physical reasons or otherwise — because we all struggle with things, that's part of the human experience, the female experience," she says. "But ultimately we want to truly find what is most important to our hearts and our beings, and self love and self care are so important — hopefully that's a good take away from Audrey's experience."

Sister of the Groom is available in theaters, digital, and on demand starting Dec. 18. Watch the trailer above.

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