Could there be more in Peter and Nick’s future? Stars Michael Urie, Philemon Chambers, and writer Chad Hodge hope so.

Warning: This article includes spoilers about the Netflix holiday film Single All the Way.

Single All the Way's heartwarming ending was always the plan.

Nick (Philemon Chambers) gifts Peter (Michael Urie) the plant store he's always dreamed of before the pair share I love you's and decide to leave L.A. for New Hampshire. Writer Chad Hodge shares that Peter's love of plants was inspired by his fiancé, whom he started dating around the time he began writing Single All the Way.

Peter and Nick had never given each other Christmas presents before and Nick's is "the most meaningful thing [he] could give." The store isn't just a grand gesture, but one that comes from Nick knowing Peter through and through. "Finally, on the last day, we got them together in this beautiful scene where Nick gives Peter a plant store, which is all Peter really wanted and never allowed himself to have," Urie shares.

While scenes are not always shot in order, Single All the Way's lovely ending was the bow on top of this gift of a movie. Not only was the scene saved for the end, but director Michael Mayer also made sure they had the time to make it everything they all hoped for. "Michael said, 'I'm gonna make sure we have a whole day for it, you'll do nothing else,'" Chambers says about the romantic scene.

"It makes me smile and it makes me cry every single time I watch it because it's so sweet," adds Chambers. "It was such a great moment to be part of."

Urie remembers that even the crew got swept up in the moment when Peter and Nick finally expressed their love for one another. "When a crew is predominantly straight, you never know how [they are] going to react to gay content," he says. "The catharsis that everyone felt when Philemon and I finally kissed and [Peter and Nick] finally got to acknowledge how they felt about each other to reciprocate each other's love; there was so much applause that day."

"I wanted it to be an ending where there's love all around no matter what," Hodge shares. And that includes James, who ends up encouraging Peter to be with Nick instead of leaving things on an angry note.

Single All The Way
Credit: Philippe Bosse/Netflix

As for the future, Urie would love to see what happens next to Peter and Nick now that they're living in New Hampshire surrounded by Peter's family. "We know that Nick has further adventures for the dog in a new 'Emmett the Dog' book," Urie says. "Maybe there's a baby, maybe there's a wedding, maybe Nick's family shows up. There's a lot of possibilities."

Chambers would also love to see what's next for the new couple. He's particularly interested in seeing what happens when Peter's opens up his plant store — with Nick's help — and the prospect of Nick's family coming to town.

There's also what's next for Sandy (Jennifer Coolidge) and the Christmas pageant to consider. Sandy's supposed to be taking her show on the road, but there's also the annual event back in New Hampshire. "Now Nick and Peter can be part of the pageant," Chambers says. "We can be in it instead of building sets for it."

Hodge echoes those desires and has "many ideas" for what's next for Peter, Nick, and Peter's family. "If that should become a reality, to be able to write more for these characters, these actors, and to continue that story, then that would be a Christmas gift," he shares.

"This feels like a family that we would enjoy checking in on every Christmas," Urie adds.

Single All the Way is streaming on Netflix.

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