Now bring back Linda Cardellini... or else.

Get ready for the return of Blake Lively and her impeccable pantsuits — because a sequel to A Simple Favor is in the works.

Lionsgate and Amazon Studios are partnering on the follow-up film, which will reunite original stars Lively and Anna Kendrick with director Paul Feig.

Feig is set to produce alongside Laura Fischer, with original screenwriter Jessica Scharzer also returning to write the script, reports Deadline, who first broke the news.

"I can't wait to revisit the hilarious, deeply dark inner world of Stephanie Smothers, and reunite Stephanie and Emily under the watchful and stylish eye of the glorious Paul Feig," Kendrick told EW.

"A Simple Favor is one of my favorite films I've ever made and it's all because of the amazing writing of Jessica Sharzer and our stunning, hilarious cast headed by my brilliant heroes Anna and Blake. Expect more stylish twists and turns than Ralph Lauren making pretzels while driving down Lombard Street," Feig told EW.

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively in 'A Simple Favor'
| Credit: Peter Iovino/Lionsgate

Based on the 2017 novel of the same name, 2018's A Simple Favor followed the story of Stephanie (Kendrick), a widowed mother with a parenting vblog who ends up becoming BFF with cool suburban, upper-class fashion plate Emily (Lively). When Emily suddenly goes missing, Stephanie begins to investigate her disappearance, but as the mystery unravels, Stephanie ends up in a situation much more complicated and sinister than she signed up for.

The film earned more than $97 million at the box office and garnered positive reviews, with EW calling it "a taut, absorbing, divinely chic ride."

No other information about the sequel has been announced, but the ending of the original definitely left things open for more twists and turns, so anything is fair game.

That said, if the sequel doesn't include another appearance from Emily's ex-girlfriend, played by Linda Cardellini — as well as pantsuits for days — we may just have to throw a martini in Feig's face.

Representatives for Lively did not immediately respond to EW's request for comment.

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