In the upcoming science fiction-horror film Shifter, a young woman experiences painful and gruesome side effects after an experiment with time travel goes wrong.

Shifter is directed by Jacob Burns, who co-wrote the movie with Zach Burns, and stars Nicole Fancher, Ashley Mandanas, Paul T. Taylor, and Jamie Brewster. Shifter is being released by the new genre distribution label The Horror Collective.

Shifter hypnotized me from the first frame," Jonathan Barkan, the Horror Collective’s VP of acquisitions and distribution, said in a statement. "It’s daring, bold, and a stunning display of independent genre cinema pushing boundaries and telling captivating, engaging stories. I am so proud to have The Horror Collective’s name on this film and I look forward to sharing it with genre audiences.”

“We created The Horror Collective to give a voice for a diverse and wide range of voices in the horror genre,” said Shaked Berenson, The Horror Collective’s CEO. “As a sci-fi thriller, Shifter is a great addition to our already eclectic library.”

Shifter will be released on VOD and on demand beginning Aug. 6.

Exclusively watch the trailer for Shifter above and see the film's poster below.


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