A previous short by filmmaker David F. Sandberg became the movie Lights Out.

Shazam! and Annabelle: Creation director David F. Sandberg has posted a horror short he apparently shot while self-isolating during the current coronavirus pandemic. The film is called Shadowed and stars Sandberg's wife, the actress Lotta Losten.

"Made a new 3 minute horror short, 'Shadowed', together with @lottalosten because what else are we going to do while stuck indoors," Sandberg wrote on Twitter.

Sandberg and Losten have an impressive track record when it comes to horror shorts. The pair previously collaborated on 2013's viral video "Lights Out" which became the basis for Sandberg's feature debut, the 2016 hit horror film of the same name.

“It just happened overnight,” Sandberg told EW in 2018. “It went viral and all of a sudden all these people wanted to talk to me — producers and agents and managers and studios — and it was really insane.”

Does "Shadowed" have the chops — and the scares — to make its way to the big screen? You can check make your own mind up by watching Sandberg and Losten's new short film above.

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