MTV Movie & TV Awards
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Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar just recreated their iconic smooch from 1999's Cruel Intentions in the most 2020 way possible.

The pair won the GOAT: Legendary Lip Lock award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time on Sunday, and they accepted the trophy together in a video message.

The actresses thanked MTV for the recognition, as well as for their award for Best Kiss at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards.

"I think the reason the kiss has resonated with people for so long is not just for the initial shock value," Blair said, "but because it was a catalyst for so many young people to help them realize certain aspects of their sexuality and help make people comfortable to be who they really are."

"It also presented a paradigm shift to a new dynamic toward acceptance in pop culture. And also it was super hot," Gellar added.

"So as a special thanks, we'd like to recreate it right here, for you guys," Blair teased. The two got close for a kiss before BAM — their lips were interrupted by a glass wall. Boo, COVID!

MTV Movie & TV Awards
Credit: MTV

"Stay safe MTV, and 2020: End soon," Gellar said.

The duo previously shared photos of their masked reunion back in late June, a day after Gellar posted a throwback pic of the two kissing onstage at the MTV Awards.

"Since I will have to stay six feet away from you today (and wear a mask) this will be as close as I get to giving you a birthday kiss. Happy Birthday @selmablair," Gellar wrote on Instagram.

In 1999's Cruel Intentions, two actresses starred as prep school classmates after first sharing the screen in Scream 2. After all these years, they're still in each other's lives and Gellar has been supportive of Blair following her multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

Last year, the ladies talked to EW to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary and spoke about their long friendship. “Selma tries to get rid of me, but I have the keys to her house, so she’s stuck with me,” Gellar said.

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