Just in time for the spookiest night of the year, EW has scared up some behind-the-scenes secrets about Scream.

The classic slasher movie, released in 1996 and starring Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette, spawned a lucrative franchise, with three sequels to date and another on the way. But do you know what the film was almost titled, or who was the actual voice on the phone in the terrifying opening scene? Just in case you ever find yourself playing movie trivia for your life with a sadistic killer, check out 10 things you might not know about Scream below.

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1. Lucky find

The now-iconic "Ghostface" mask was picked up off of a shelf by a crew member while scouting locations for the film.

2. The power of Scream compels you

Among Scream's many references and homages to other horror films, The Exorcist star Linda Blair has a cameo as a reporter.

3. that Freddy?

Another one: Scream director Wes Craven cameos as well, as a janitor wearing Freddy Krueger's hat and sweater. Craven also directed the original A Nightmare on Elm Street.

4. Not that "Scary Movie"

The film's title was originally Scary Movie, in keeping with its referential and satirical spirit, but producers made Craven change it to ScreamScary Movie would, of course, become the title of a very different franchise.

5. It worked out in the end

Matthew Lillard, who played Stuart, originally auditioned for the role of Billy, who ended up being played by Skeet Ulrich. "I auditioned for Skeet's part. I didn't get that s---," Lillard explains. "And then the casting director was like, 'You should go for the ugly, weird best friend.' And then I did."

6. Skeet Ulrich, bean spiller

Ulrich accidentally revealed that his character was the killer in a phone interview before the film's release. Immediately after hanging up, he realized his mistake and had to call his agent to stop the spoiler from leaking.

7. Skeet went Method

The scene where Billy hits Stu with the phone was an accident. Ulrich's hands were sticky with fake blood, and his throw hit Lillard instead of going wide as intended.

8. He also voiced Mojo Jojo

While it's eventually revealed that Billy and Stu conspired in the Ghostface murders, the voice on the phone in the opening scene with Drew Barrymore isn't Ulrich or Lillard. In fact, it's voice actor Roger L. Jackson, also known for voicing the Powerpuff Girls villain.

9. No face to the voice

What's more, Craven didn't let the cast meet Jackson, to keep the voice more mysterious and scary.

10. It's not called a people flap

One of Scream's most memorable scenes involves Tatum (Rose McGowan) being crushed by a garage door while stuck in the cat flap. But McGowan was actually able to fit through, and kept slipping out while filming the scene. Crew members ended up stapling her shirt to the garage to keep her in place.

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