The Oscar winner also addresses unconfirmed rumors that she's in conversations to play a comic book role in a Spider-Man movie.

Sandra Bullock knows there's someone on the internet who can figure out the head-scratcher the Oscar winner left us with after an appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live this week — because she's not telling otherwise.

Bullock, promoting her upcoming turn in Netflix's The Unforgivable, told host Jimmy Kimmel that she was up for a comic book movie role but turned it down because her son, Louis, told her to.

"I was approached for something that wasn't Marvel, but my son said not to do it," she said.

Bullock confirmed to Kimmel that it wasn't DC related either. "It was kind of in the place that Louis felt I shouldn't be... and he was actually right. I saw it when it came out and I was like, 'Ooo! That's unfortunate.'"

Bullock left us with some clues. She said Louis was about 6 years old when he asked her not to do it. He's 11 now, which would put any talks Bullock was in around 2016. Then again, when pushed by Kimmel, she said, "I forget their ages often, so it could've been 4, it could've been 7 or 8."

But, she added with a laugh that "the internets will" figure it out.

Kimmel and Bullock got on the subject of all things superheroes when the host brought up an unconfirmed rumor that the actress was supposedly in conversations to appear in the Spider-Man movies as comic book character Madame Web. She was quite adamant that she has "never been approached by Marvel" for any role.

"I don't think I'm Marvel material," Bullock said.

Sandra Bullock on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Sandra Bullock appears on ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'
| Credit: ABC

Bullock did mention in a 2009 red carpet interview with MTV that, once upon a time, she did consider playing Wonder Woman. Variety had reported in 1999 that Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver were "wooing" Bullock to play the Amazonian warrior of DC Comics back then. But the star insisted "there's other people much better suited to play Wonder Woman."

She will, however, be appearing soon on screen in the assassins-on-a-train movie Bullet Train, as well as the rom-com adventure film Lost City of D. On top of that, she's producing a comic book-based movie that adapts Mark Millar's Reborn. So, it's not like she's staying out of the action.

Watch the video above and let us know which superhero movie you think Bullock turned down.

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