"All eyes are gonna be on this," the Oscar winner jokes. "It's all gonna be on mama."

Channing Tatum may have bumped-and-grinded his way into our hearts and late-night fantasies over the years, but he ain't got nothin' on Sandra Bullock — and that's according to Sandra Bullock.

At the premiere of her new film The Unforgivable, the Oscar-winning actress spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the possibility of reteaming with Tatum, her costar in The Lost City, for the recently announced Magic Mike's Last Dance.

"He's doing a lot of asking for me to come on board with my skills in the stripping world, which are… they're world-renowned," Bullock quipped. "I don't know if I wanna do it and take the attention away. Channing needs that moment, and if I step on stage, you know what's gonna happen, it's like, all eyes are gonna be on this. It's all gonna be on mama."

Sandra Bullock, MAGIC MIKE
Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum
| Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage; Everett Collection

While Bullock admitted that she was joking — "In my world, that's what would happen. All eyes would just shift off of Channing and onto me, and they would stay" — we say why not stack this tertiary Magic Mike with esteemed, award-winning actresses up to the gills?

Let's get Helen Mirren as the owner of a rival all-male revue, Viola Davis getting away with murdering the dance floor, Julianne Moore just showing up. The possibilities are endless!

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